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4.0 out of 5 stars

Honest, vulnerable, and pragmatic. 7 August 2015

By Robert Hudson

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Successful Net Dating is a great guide to those wishing to embark on the pursuit of love via the internet, and I dare say it is also an invaluable tool for those who have already ventured into this realm. The author candidly shares some of his personal history and includes many testimonies from others who have had a range of experiences with online dating. This book offers some great tips on crucial matters such as; how to find the right dating site for you, how to create a decent profile (for both men and women), how to conduct better searches and maximise your chances of finding suitable partners, and how to continue on from there with advice on communication, phone calls, safety, and above all else, the first date. At times this book borders on self-development covering such topics as, finding yourself, managing fears, personality types and the benefits of extending yourself into new directions. I’d never considered that online dating had advantages over traditional dating until reading this book. Certainly worth a read.


5.0 out of 5 stars Internet/Online Dating Success? Certainly

2 August 2015  au

By Michell Thomas

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The author puts internet dating into perspective with great clarity, insight and a goal in mind for the reader . The book is easily read, understood and gives credibility through providing his own real experience and the documenting of others experience of trouble and success. It is informative and supportive, reminding me of things I know and ways of finding out what I really want whilst providing an insight to be better equipped at finding a partner that is right for me. Using this book as a guide I can now focus on achieving the probability of a long time partner and that having a few in-betweeners can still be a step in the right direction to success. Internet dating is a contemporary and challenging search of finding “the one” in todays society and this book has renewed and encouraged my enthusiasm for the search, so I begin again with a more valiant heart. Whoo hoo I am back in action. Exceptionally well written and easy to follow.


5.0 out of 5 stars A practical approach to finding lasting love.

8 August 2015 Published on

By Tessa Wylde

Whether a novice to online dating or not….I believe this book “Successful Net Dating” most helpful in finding not just a partner… but “the partner”. Tried and tested, this book has some seriously good suggestions that navigate the exhausting emotional roller coaster of serial dating and short term relationships that usually accompany the search for love, and helps avoid the disappointments and loss of confidence that often results when putting yourself “out there”. I recommend this book as an easy read offering with sound advice and valuable insights, and most importantly, a practical approach to finding lasting love.


4.0 out of 5 stars Like chatting with a friend who knows what they’re talking about.

15 July 2015

By Joe Grundy

Like chatting with a friend who knows what they’re talking about, this easy-to-read conversational style book takes you first through things to reflect on even before “getting online”, notes some sensible precautions, and explores a range of good tips on how to use internet dating services most effectively (as well as safely) with a mix of explanation and anecdote.


4.0 out of 5 stars  Great Internet Dating Made Easy

21 July 2015

By TL Clark –

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I was given a copy of this book to review. As a happily married woman I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it justice. But you know what? I really enjoyed this. Know thyself! A very important message for anyone. This book is a great guide at how to approach internet dating sensibly and safely. It takes you through looking at yourself, how best to form a profile and what to do when the invites start coming in. Actually, I think this would marry up with Mutual Love and Respect by Lynn Warford very nicely. That takes you through successful  relationships. You’d have, how to look for a great mate, and what to do once you have them. This book has an easy going style; informative yet friendly. It gives lots of great examples to illustrate the points made.


5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant book for Net Dating

30 July 2015

By Richard Yiap

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This is a brilliant book for Net Dating which is fraught with many traps. Iain has taken a most thorough and strategic approach and covered many important and deep issues to consider. A good look within yourself with respect to what you really want is essential. I had a stint at Net Dating with no success a few years ago. I wished I had Iain’s book then. Its easy to read, practical and very detailed. Highly recommended

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