Successful Net Dating – Chapters


What you can learn from this book?

Answers to some common objections to using the internet to find a partner:

Chapter One – Why the internet?

All Strategies for Finding a Partner Carry Some Risk:                           Where and How to Search for a Suitable Partner?

Chapter Two – Finding the partner you would like.

Questionnaire – Beginning to understand what you want
What was good and bad in past relationships.
Beginning the learning process.

Chapter Three – What is your relationship background?

Did Mum and Dad communicate in a way that I would like to?

Affection?                                                                                                                           How did they deal with conflict?                                                                       Reasons for change? How to change?                                                             Some Crisis Recourses

Chapter Four – Attraction and relationship loops.

Your past experience can limit your expectation as to what you believe is possible
What turns you on? What “DOES IT” for you?

Chapter Five – How to write a profile.

What the different parts of the profile are used for.
Pictures on your profile.
Key word searches, search parameters, how to build them into your profile

Chapter Six – Using simple psychology and role plays to build your confidence.

Overcoming fears.
Important facts regarding personality types
Role plays to overcome fears
Detailed explanations for personality types

Chapter Seven – Getting the best from dating websites and personal safety

Staying Safe
Using Search Engines
What is a tinder style hook up application

Chapter Eight – How to get from reading profiles to the first date

Men and Women different approaches
Pictures and attraction
Browsing for prospective partners
Phone conversation, tips and pointers.
Communication some of the basics

Chapter Nine – Past the first date – Relationships and exits points

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