Staying Safe

Ionline safteyt is important to know and understand the surrounding ideas that make the whole process work best and safely  for you.

This is easy enough but there are important pivot points in this process where you need to be careful and aware. This is particularly so for women. The dating websites have many safety features built in that protect you that you can take advantage of.  So what are the must do and must not do priorities?


Always make the first contact or response through the dating website that you are using. They usually generate site specific email contact details which allow you to keep private your contact details until you’re ready to reveal them.

Phone calls for women:

Always make your initial phone call from your own phone with your number concealed. Ask for their number but do not give your own phone number until you are ready.

 Tea and Coffee Date.

Always select a café that is reasonably busy. That is in a busy or at least not quiet area. This will give you a safety net if things don’t go to plan or you need to safely leave.

Car Parking.

Do not park outside the front of the café or in a very obvious position. Park close by so you can quietly leave with different exit choices.

 When do you give the other person more details about yourself?

The answer to this is not simple. As a general rule this should be when you feel comfortable to do so. If you acknowledge that you are a poor judge of character you can organize a tea and coffee meeting with a friend that you trust.  The after meeting discussion with your friend hopefully will allow you to get a clear idea of your date and if they are to be trusted.

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