Some answers to some common objections to using the internet to find a partner

The Web“I feel sick when I look at dating websites. To me, it looks like a meat-market.” The great thing about using a well-designed dating website is this: you get to read what people have to say about themselves well before meeting them, via their profile, initial email exchanges and on the phone (if you choose).

If you are someone who values what is on the inside of people as much as their appearance, this offers obvious advantages. No doubt, there are some people who do use dating websites like a ‘meat market’, and some dating websites are actually designed to facilitate this approach.

However there are plenty of well-designed reputable websites that enable and encourage a more in-depth approach to finding people to meet. In my experience, this is more aligned to how most people prefer to approach looking for a partner. You will need to decide what kind of approach will suit you so that that you can determine if the design and approach of a website matches your needs.

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