Is fear stopping you?

fear-441402_640To build focused new habits can move you rapidly toward your target. Procrastination and fear is a very real factor for many people. Identifying potential problems or sticking points in the process is important so they may be overcome.

These could include

A fear of meeting new people
A fear of phone calls to new people
Writing emails to new people
Fear of rejection.
Painful Shyness

The great athletes know what their weaknesses are and work at them until they become strengths. Know who you are, what you are good at. Acknowledge what you are not good at and get better at it. When first starting in sales I was scared of the phone and speaking to strangers. How I overcame this was to prepare a simple script and then say something into the phone. Some people were polite some hung up. A couple were rude, and some said yes. They said yes even though I mumbled and struggled through the call.

I Chapter six I provide role plays to assist with these fears. I am happy to discuss them here also.

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